When should I post on my blog?

Aug 15

When should I post on my blog?

A lot of people who blog for personal and business reasons don’t know when are the best time and how frequently to post on their blogs. Even if you have a blog that stretches further than just one specialized topic or niche, it is important to know when and why you should post updates to your blog or blogs.

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to blogging that I will try to give a little more clarification on, though it is hard depending on the goals, available resources (like time and skill) and what you want to achieve with running a blog for yourself or for your business.

How frequently should I post?

How frequently you post are entirely up to you. Depending on the goals you want to achieve with the blog you might not have to post on a daily base. The more you post the more traffic should be driven to your blog, and the quicker you can establish a presence in Search Engines and build relationships. The one thing every blogger should know and realize early from the start that it is not wise to substitute quality for quantity, and content should be written for the human and not the search engines. If possible you can “tweek” or slightly modify the content afterward as to make it more “search engine friendly” – but this requires a great knowledge on how search engine algorithms work and how to write SEO optimized content, and should not be attempted by the amateur as this most likely will be picked up in the Search Engine algorithms and you may do more harm than any good to your rankings in the search engine result pages by posting the content.

What time should my post go live?

This is an answer than one can never be too sure about and you need to do extensive research and analysis to determine the time that your blog post will get the most amount of traffic. This will influence the amount and at what time your post is bookmarked, shared in social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, sent to blog aggregators or directories and the list goes on. At the end of the trail phase and after completion on your detailed analysis of what time you get the best and most exposure amongst the market and channels you are targeting you should be able to pin point the best time to post on your blog, share and bookmark in the best social and bookmarking communities and in return get the maximum amount of ROI (Return On Your Investment) back from your blog and the resources expended to maintain and engage with users on this valuable platform.

What if I post about more than one topic/niche?

Yes, it is more than possible to write about more than one topic of interest or niche but this requires a bit more work and attention to detail not only on behalf of the blogger or webmaster but the reader as well. If you are blogging for business, then you especially need to keep things business related even though you are allowed (and actually advised) to add personal touches if it appeals to your selected target market and falls alongside the rules and regulations of your company or business’s PR and marketing department (if you are a bit more corporate).

When blogging about completely different topics that absolutely cannot be featured on the same page then you either need to move your blog to a blog only domain or you need to categorize the landing or home page of your blog page. Thought this creates a bit of a nightmare for your website’s overall search engine ranking and the internal link juice and structure if not done correctly. Though that is a whole different kettle of fish all together and would prefer not to touch that subject as it requires extensive writing on a topic not entirely fitting into the prospect of this post.

If you decide to move the blog to a blog only domain [example: blog.domain] then you simply categorize your blog and the post and make the categories to pages featured within the navigation. Be sure to add proper CTA (Call To Action) buttons, links and even pages within your blogging site, as this will be great for pushing or leading readers down the sales funnel and to your website with the main sales pages.

What about after I have posted?

This is when you bookmark and share your newest update and or updates to the social and bookmarking communities and channels as you would like to expose your content to as much as possible targeted people as this will increase the chances of convergence into a sale or a regular visitor. You need to be aware of the discussions happening on your blog and other social channels as to respond to the necessary ones and also combat the negative ones with positive remarks and mentions. This is great for increasing the amount of exposure and the amount of shares and other social bookmarks and signals that will accumulate in return from the readership generated not to mention the amount of targeted traffic driven to your website and or blog. This is great for not only driving traffic, but increasing your authority on multiple and various social media channels and communities and establishing an overall authoritative presence online.