What is Social Media about?

Jul 26

What is social media all about you might think? Easy – a whole bunch of kids who can’t have a conversation socially without looking down on their fancy phones. O, on the contrary – how wrong you are Mnr. Executive (and small business owners alike).


Social media is about Sharing

Social Media for running a Business


Thanks to the advances in technology that kid who was standing in line experiencing bad service at one of your establishments don’t even have to leave the premises for his complaint to reach all his online social connections, and then to all theirs, and so the circle continues until your business image and reputation online has been hurt in a matter of counting the minutes.

Now let us multiply this with a hundred people per month each averaging a 160 online social connections (which come on – we all know 160 is quite conservative in today’s time and age), and them all each having the same amount… 40960000 people per month seeing the damaging content. Now depending on the scale and quality service of your business the figure might be more or less.


Social Media is everywhere


Have you been outside recently? Social media is everywhere to be seen – literally everywhere. With the ever attractive (from a user point of view) rise in digital marketing and digital goods (Software and Hardware alike) being actively present in education, safety and defense – in almost all aspects of daily activities of economic growth and development. Social media is undeniably everywhere. This recent new trend or revolution in infrastructure has opened the world to some of the biggest personal- and business opportunities alike since the industrial revolution.
Now the question to ask is this – can you afford not to be present socially online when it comes to Business? The simple answer is no – I personally believe that every business can make use of social media for increasing PR reach, B2B, B2C  opportunities and an overall increase in revenue.


Social is the new education


Thanks to the advances in Social technology – a lot of the youth today associates a library with a webpage – and not with a physical building. Not surprising given the affordability and the power that the Hardware and Software alike has made to getting Educational and or informative content from the web. And the best of all – this content is most likely to be more up to date than a text book of the same niche or topic you can find in a physical book store.

Now considering the fact that users trust peer to peer recommendations over any advertisement is crucial to take into consideration and on how a Social Community can make or break your business (in 140 characters or less) by educating themselves and each other by using Social Media as a source of education – not only on Educational topics, but on products and services as well.


Everyone must social


You must realize that the youth (your soon to be target market) is not getting any younger – nor is the advance in technology. It simply shifts in generations. How many people do you know between the age of 40 and 50 that don’t have a cellphone (or smartphone) and don’t use email, don’t use the internet? Not much I bet. And with the newer generation successfully mastering the new technology almost faster than its being released the shift is ever more evident and inevitable.


“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media – the question is how well we do it.”    ~Erik Qualman