Social Media Value

Jan 09

Social Media Value

In today’s time and age there is a lot of different social media channels available – from local to more of an international channels and communities. But how do you determine which of these channels should be used for marketing your business to your clientele, both new and existing? Find below a couple of short tips that might be useful if you are still contemplating whether to make use a specific social media channel for business purposes or not.


Your Customers Social Media Value


If you want to determine whether you should be marketing on a social media channel or not first consider your targeted audience. Are they present on these channels, and how much time do they spend on these channels? If your target market doesn’t find value in a social media channel and community then the chances of you convincing them otherwise is extremely thin. And if your targeted markets are not present (or not present enough) then there is very little to no value in you trying to use the said channels for marketing and exposing your business on.




What is the “virality” of the social media channel you are considering to market on? Can the user share the content easy enough – Does it offer value in terms of easy sharing and engagement that can be seen and shared by others? Are the updates on this social media channel index-able by search engines – and when will it be indexed? Like Pinterest for an example takes a while for the content to be indexed , while Twitter is almost indexed by Search Engines in real time.

As virality is a core component of increasing your business exposure and building a positive image online it’s a component that one cannot overlook – And should never overlook. This is a good method of determining the social media value of the channel.

Virality of Social Media Value




Can your updates and or shares be tracked – in other words, how will you know if the material you are sharing is better than that of the past week? You have to be able to measure the outcome and determine the ROI (return on interest) from such a channel by means of tracking and analysing data and other metrics.

How accurate is the data you have to measure with? Though one can use third party apps to help with measurement and tracking – you have to know how accurate the data is in order to make an informed decision and determine the social media value of a channel.



At the end of the day – If you want to target a broad community , you can use bigger and more untargeted social media networks. But if you want to a loyal and valuable community it might be best to target more of a local channel that might offer you more ROI and where you know your targeted market spends time and find valuable information. Don’t get me wrong – One can and should use Facebook as an example, though it has the biggest international community – if your profile and marketing efforts are managed correctly you should be able to build a loyal yet targeted community of followers and friends of your own, especially if traffic to your Facebook page is driven from external sources like blogs, forums etc.

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  • Hello Byron. I leverage social media for brand building rather than leads and sales. It hasn’t been effective for the latter. However, there are apps to make that happen. But with FB, for instance, recently limiting your reach in favor of ‘promoted posts’, that has also gone down the drain.,

    I use Social Metrics Pro to track SM metrics and it gives you a good story, assisting you in assessing your success and tweaking the campaign.

  • Hi Ivin,

    Yes – I do agree with Brand Building. We also do use social media for brand building and positioning within the market – as I work in the private finance industry and “selling” alongside lead nurturing are some of our main objectives with social media marketing. Where our social media (especially with targeting the investment market) is a success. It all depends on your target market, and the type of business you are running.

    Just to add: The above points are only meant to advise in the selection of social media channels according to value, and since I’m not writing about an industry specific business, the post is meant to be very broadly targeted for the fore mentioned topic.

    Thanks for your comment Ivin, Especially concerning Facebook’s promoted posts… (I’d rather focus on improving the edge rank).

    • Problem I’ve found is, after paying heavily for my fans on my platforms (personal or managed), I now have to pay a Dollar to promote my post because Facebook are limiting the amount of fans that see your post in their timeline. So not only do I have to contend with the noise on my fans newsfeed, some of them don’t even see it.

      Have you any tips around this?

      • Drop me a mail in my Contact page and we can have a chat.