Social Media Marketing Holiday Trends

Jan 07

Social Media Marketing Holiday Trends

Has your website and or blog suffered from a decline in traffic over the past festive season due to Social Media Marketing Holiday Trends? Don’t worry, you are not the only one that is suffering from the decline in website traffic and social media reach. There are countless businesses out there that went through and might still be going through a holiday trend where a lot of people relieves themselves from everyday work and take a break from the business world, and by doing so spends a lot less time online and engaging on social media channels for business purposes and more for sharing and staying up to date with their friends, colleagues and family by sharing personal updates not meant for business.


The big question is how do you get your flame back on in the marketing world by using social media channels and the digital world of media as an overall platform of advertising and marketing your business in order to increase your reach, business opportunities, and create if not complementing on your positive image online? Find below only a couple of suggestions, tips and advice on using social media channels and other digital web 2.0 channels to get your flame back on in the business world.

Be spontaneous

Be sure to mention interesting things that is not part of your business and or marketing efforts that will contribute some or other value to your target market and show them that you are human and not using social media channels and other digital web 2.0 channels just for selling your product and sole personal gain. This should create spontaneous sharing and interest among your target market that can be useful to help you grow your exposure and reach after the past festive season in a more spontaneous way – like wishing your followers a safe weekend and or interesting news and such – anything and everything that will contribute value to your target market might be worth sharing, just be sure not to share these types of updates too much as it can turn some of your clients interests down.


Be “Promotive”

One thing is for sure – people love getting free stuff. If that means that they have to participate in or another form of social media marketing where they have to expose your business in one way or another to their communities is also a quick way of increasing your exposure and reach after the festive season. Be careful, as this form of social media exposure might be very expensive in terms of free promotional goods and prizes that will be given away, not to mention the costly factor of having to spend more time on social media in order to keep up engagement and exposure. You have to remember that thought the “virality” of your promotional campaign can damage your reputation if it is not marketed correctly, effectively and proactively from the start.


Ask your audience

By asking your targeted audience questions it offers a valuable opportunity for them to interact with you and or your business and offers you an extremely valuable opportunity to get to learn more from your audience and thereby you can learn how to better market your business and increase your network and followers at the same time, Not to mention improving on your image and business methods by allowing your audience to tell you how you can improve your efforts, though it be business and or marketing efforts.



These are only some of the easiest and effective marketing advice, methods and or tips that you can follow today. As these will most likely improve and compliment your current social media marketing efforts as simple as they might be – depending of your business and targeted channels etc. there might be a couple of things that may differ and its not to say that what works for someone else will work for you and or business. If you want to know more or need a more tips concerning social media marketing please feel free to contact me, even on social media channels, then we can have a chat with pleasure.

  • Hello Byron. I think companies and brands that embraced the holiday spirit and engaged with fun and festive content won over the festive season. It’s true, it’s gonna take a lot to get back in the saddle and the momentum we had in, say mid November will only be achieved in mid Feb IMHO.

    We did a metric report earlier today for one for the brands we manage and the Edgerank was Zero. Ouch!,

    • Thanks for your comment Ivin,

      And yes – Depending on what your business is and who your target market are the
      festive season could have been a bloom for your business; especially if you
      have embraced the holiday spirit by marketing festive content – if as an
      example you sold festive goods online or a Restaurant etc. – you know ; the
      businesses that normally makes a good profit over a festive season its normally
      a lot easier done than said, but if your targeted market is not present over a
      festive period there is no need in trying to “spam” them with constant festive
      updates as a lot of businesses have done.

      And yes – I do agree. If your traffic and exposure has suffered severely over the
      festive season it will take a lot of effort to get to a momentum where you are
      running at full steam again, but if done effective, proactively and with
      passion it should be a lot easier to achieve.

      Yet again, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.