Social Media in South Africa

Sep 06

Social Media in South Africa

A lot of Business owners and or managers don’t know the value, power and marketing potential of Social Media in South Africa; not just in South Africa but across all continents and countries. When you ask most people who own small to medium sized businesses in South Africa if they actively use and engage on social media channels nationally and internationally and the majority of them say no.

Why is this so?

A large portion of the business owners or managers would have tried social media marketing themselves for a short period of time and not finding any or enough value in the advertising medium due to the fact that they don’t know the basics of Social Media Marketing, how it influences their business (not only in the short term but in the long term as well) and how to get the maximum potential out of this relatively new and constant changing form or method of digital marketing.

Social Media in South Africa

In South Africa especially; the telecommunications infrastructure is not of the best quality, quantity (availability), and cheapest compared to other countries in the world. But don’t let this put you off social media marketing, as we (South Africa) is a developing country and considering all the variables the amount of business generated from social media marketing in South Africa (generally speaking that is) is still small compared to other developing countries; yet is on a steady and fast growing incline in profits and amount of devices capable of connecting to the internet (especially mobile phones and devices).

This stands to reason as now is the ideal time to start exploring social media marketing for your business if you have not already done so, and if you have or currently doing so and you aren’t or weren’t happy with the amount of ROI (return on interest / investment) from your social media marketing campaign I would advise you to speak to a trusted and known consultant before giving up – as most of the campaign needs to be tailored and designed specifically to correlate and compliment your marketing efforts with your business strategy and existing marketing and telecommunications infrastructure.

The Future of Social Media in South Africa

Thought the future in social media marketing worldwide is not set in stone as was with traditional marketing a decade or so ago, where the market and marketing trends changed slowly and “social” technology only started to be available in the average household .
Today you will find that has changed – and is busy changing the world as we know it. With such fast development, production and expansion in overall technology worldwide and in South Africa; the potential for business has grown phenomenally and the way we the business owners and they our clients communicate, resolve issues, and in general do business has dramatically changed and is still constantly changing.

How will this influence my Business?

Social Media has already influenced your business and the future of your business, even if you are not aware of it. Try using a search engine (like Google, Bing or yahoo) and look for your business name. Now try typing in your Business contact number in another search query – Are you impressed with the results you see? Can you imagine if you were a potential client for your own business doing the same Search – how would this have influenced your actions? Social Media Marketing along with a good overall marketing strategy could have changed the results you see in the search engines, not to mention the amount of potential business and incoming traffic you can generate.