Social Media and Client service

Jan 21

Social Media and Client service

Social media is one of the biggest revolutions to have hit since the Industrial Revolution and the bloom of the Internet. The word “social media” is one of the most commonly known words to man today – Especially amongst the new generations, and fast consuming the older generations of people worldwide. And not just a common word but one of the most common and frequent daily activity of most people regardless ethnicity, race or religion, from the time they wake up in the mornings to the time the go back to bed at night, the social media web is constant and never sleeping source of information and communication.

But why should you use this social medium to help improve your business’s client service? Find below a couple of facts that might just be an eye opener to you and to why you should use Social Media channels and networks to your advantage, personally and for business purposes. Be sure to Subscribe to the RSS feed as one of the follow up posts will be about how to use social media for client service.

Social Media and valued Client Service

As you know social media is a very popular form of communicating with friends and family members – even those across borders and in other time zones of the world. It offers up to date, real time communication and becomes a wealth of information that can be acquired at the touch of a mobile or computer button. As easy it is to use the social web for finding things – it is almost as easy as to recommend and or publish things.

And so the social web constantly contributes to the value that the average consumer adds to social media networks and communities. No matter what you are looking for and or recommending, whether a specific product, an event, or even the ins and outs of how businesses are perceived by your peers and their social circles, when looking at the facts and trends you cannot afford not to leverage online social communication channels and sources to your business’s advantage when it comes to providing up to date – and real time communication ultimately improving on your business’s client services and image online.


The Value of Social media

If you do not know why social media is such a powerful communication medium then be sure to watch the video featured below. There are a couple of versions, as the video is updated every year. You can even watch the previous ones to see how much of a trend social media communication has become in our daily aspects of everyday life. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Hello Byron. There’s a big shift in ‘media’ and I honestly don’t know why people still advertise on Tv and billboards. It’s much better engaging your fans and having an opportunity to interact with them on SM. Much more value in that – and worth the price tag of a billboard or TV/radio ad. Don’t you think?

    • Hi Ivan,

      Thanks again for commenting.

      Yes – Absolutely… I think the video above just says it all… “Biggest shift
      since the industrial revolution”.