Restaurants; Prone for Social Media benefits

Aug 14

Restaurants; Prone for Social Media benefits

There has always been a lot of debate when it comes to your business and using social media. Most businesses in south Africa is either too afraid to go the online way due the high costs in consultancy and expertise necessary to support the infrastructure necessary to stay on top of the ever fast advancement in technology and marketing trends. Though this true – the best business today in the South African economy that can benefit from social media with the minimal amount of resources (in terms of finance – depending on the existing infrastructure like website etc.) necessary is the restaurant industry.

Why Restaurants?

Restaurants are one of the most critic-ally and socially recognized businesses when it comes to service and quality thereof and the food they have to offer. Not to mention the promotional advantages to having your restaurant listed and present in the world of social media. People tend to recommend or demote a restaurant according to public- and online image with reviews from their trusted (friended) peers. This is one of the building blocks of a restaurant besides the food and service – and that is relationships.

If you have a good relationship (existing or new) and gave the client a good experience along with good produce (food) then you are most likely to get verbal, online and offline recommendations and also returning customers. Demographically speaking – this is one of the most valuable blocks to build your customer base on. Clientele are more likely to return if they close to you and you stand out above the other immediate options (other restaurants) they have to choose from.

Restaurants don’t have the time?

This is quite simple – if the establishment do not have the time and other resources available to satisfy the customer and build a long, lasting and ever promotional relationship then why should the customer even bother visiting if it will ultimately lead to unhappy service and a devaluation in the image of your business, especially online where the critics love to play when it comes to recommending and bad-mouthing restaurants all over the world, not just south Africa.

When it comes to the amount of social media exposure restaurants have in the social media community and industry and the fast advance and grow in technology that complements the social media world it would be best to rethink being absent from social media.

How sure are you that you have been absent?

It is not to say that you have never had a website or the website has been running for a long time without updates that you no longer or never had a presence online. This is one of the mistakes people tend to make when it comes to their digital footprint and what one can find online about their businesses. With websites like hello peter and other forums and complaints directories you might have had a presence online before you ever even thought of putting your business online. When last have you used a search engine and tried searching for your businesses name and some keywords like “complaints”, “service” or even “rating”?

Image used to portray a like in Restaurants socially.