New Year and New SEO

Jan 02

New Year and New SEO

Another year has passed and we are now in the beginning of a brand new year with some brand new (and existing) SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing strategies, channels and tools that we are looking forward to test out. Some of these might be more personal related than business, but none the less should offer you more and interesting  insights and some tips that you might not have known existed – Especially for the unique South African market as well as international targeted markets and communities.


What can I expect in 2013 from Marketing Strategist?


There will be a lot more and frequent content posted on Marketing Strategist seeing as it’s a new year and great time to start fresh and share all the interesting and valuable information that will help others personally and with their business efforts, in terms of local South African and International Marketing and SEO aspects.


SEO in 2013


What does SEO have in store for us webmasters and digital marketers? Google might have a timeline worth trying to figure out – but as was in 2012, I think if you keep everything natural and focus naturally on SEO and other Digital Marketing aspects you should be able to improve on your own or on your business’s Search Engine rankings as well as grow your own community online through various social media and other web 2.0 platforms. Not to mention being able to create more leads and increase on the presence, awareness, reputation and exposure of your personal persona and or business image.


Digital and Social Media Marketing in 2013


What does the world of online, affiliate and other ways of Social- and Digital Marketing have in store for us; the short answer is a lot. With the current trends (both of marketing and devices used to market on and or to) increases in their development and publication to the public there is a lot more devices, tools, new channels and the list goes on that one will be able to test out. Not to mention to analyse how some of these new trends are affecting the markets and how they will influence the way you market yourself and or products to your desired targeted market and the way they will influence new and existing trends already analysable in the market.

So here is a toast to the past, and even a bigger one to the future. The year of 2013 is going to be a very exciting, proactive and interesting year for all professionals in the Digital-, Social Media-, and Search Engine Marketing professions across the world and in South Africa.

  • Hello Byron. I’m excited about reading your case studies and seeing what you come up with as the online landscape of South Africa is quite different than it is in the rest of the world. Looking forward to connecting in 2013!

    • Hi Ivan,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment – And yes, South Africa is a unique country, not just the weather and diverse cultures, but especially the unique digital landscapes and wealth of un-tapped potential in various communities and platforms that South Africa has to offer when it comes to Digital Marketing.