Negative Online reputation – what is it?

Jul 30

A lot of Businesses have been too quick to join the Social Media Marketing hype without knowing what it meant for them and what it meant for their businesses in terms of public profile, online image, Business resources and their Search Engine Optimization and Marketing(digital and traditional) strategy and tactics.


What is Negative Online Reputation?

Online reputation is what your Business image and or personal persona looks to and being perceived by the public outside world. One should realize that you don’t have to be active online to have an Online reputation – with even a mention or a simple negative share of experience online on Social channels by a customer you most likely already have an existing online reputation without you even being aware of it.

Not to mention if someone named a group dedicated to your Businesses bad service in a social community (especially if you don’t have a presence in that community); or a couple of complaints and negative mentions on a website like will most definitely come up in Search Engines if you search your Business name and the phrase “complaint”. Have you tried it yet? Do you and your Business a favor and do a quick online Google search for just your Business – what do you find? Are you happy with your findings? Now try adding the word “complaint” next to your search – Happy now??


Social Media and Negative Online Reputation

Scale of reputation

If you have a Twitter account – Did you know that your tweets and public profile is indexed? Not to mention the other social media channels like Facebook and Google+ (amongst many others). The chances are if you ever had to fill in the URL of your website when registering to comment on a forum or ever commented using a URL on a website then that is visible to the public too. Social media has become an important part of online reputation management. And the chances are if you are active Socially online it has already influenced not only your website rankings in the Search Engines but most definitely already produced or created an image for you and or your business in the various Social Communities and different Channels. You as your Business or as an employee should realize that your Online Social Media activities will influence your Online reputation and how you will go about to manage it.

How can I manage my Business’s Online Reputation?

If you have a small or medium sized Business (pending on the time you spend online and what Business type product and or service you offer) you most probably can’t afford to use specifically designed software and algorithm searches to monitor and manage your Online Reputation as these type of software tends to be very expensive and some of them can even charge you per mention or report they pick up on.

So what can I do? You can set up Google Alerts and use some various tools available to monitor accounts or Feeds like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. There are various ways you can go about to manage your Online reputation in a less expensive way – but what you need to be aware of if you make use of these “Free” tools are that they are not very effective in terms of being up to date with real-time Online reputation management.


Depending on your business – the size, type and scope of not only your activities but the online activities of your clients in terms of mentions and other Social signals will influence your Online Reputation and the way you will go about to manage it. And in return it will affect your Marketing- and overall Business strategy online and offline. Having no Online reputation management system in place is almost as good as having a negative one.