Is it your quality or exposure that slacks?

Aug 16

Is it your quality or exposure that slacks?

When in business there are two main elements or aspects of your marketing campaign you have to be aware of and divide resources accordingly as to obtain and maintain the optimum levels of productivity and exposure gaining as most as possible ROI (Return On Interest) as possible in the process. The main elements or aspects are Quality and Exposure. You need to realize that the one heavily depends on the quality and quantity of the other. This works both ways, “Visa versa, versa visa”.

If you have realized that you are not gaining the optimum or the desired amount of ROI from your marketing efforts you most likely have to break the whole campaign and process into two different main areas of interest that will require further analysis and taking the necessary steps or changes. Namely; Quality and Exposure.


This is one of the most important and hardest aspects or elements to achieve in marketing when it comes to the content and the overall image of your business and or product brand. If the quality of the content is not of high value to the reader then you are going to have an implacably hard time increasing the natural (not paid) exposure. The value that the quality of the content not only contributes to the exposure (marketing aspect) but to the overall business image and reputation is phenomenally important and should be one of the main measuring and focal points when deciding and or analysing what to market and to whom to market it to, and on what channels.

If you have quality content the whole process becomes that much easier and the likelihood of the content gaining popularity in the various communities and Search Engines in a natural way and the value you can add on gaining popularity and exposure naturally is almost non-existent. Not to mention the positive increase in your business image and reputation online and offline alike.


Now – as I’ve said earlier in the post, if you don’t have the quality aspect covered then you are going to have an implacable time at marketing the content successfully and actually producing enough or the desired ROI value from the campaign and content alike.

If you feel that you have the quality aspect or element covered with the content you are trying to market then the next logical point that most likely will be of interest in trying to improve the ROI from your marketing campaign or strategy will be the exposure element or aspect.

Are the channels you are exposing the content on targeted enough? Are you exposing your content at the right time? Are you offering the opportunity for the customer to give feedback and or commenting and engaging with them online? Engagement is one of the best ways to have a user convert to a returning visitor and or loyal follower, and by doing so they are more likely to share and bookmark your content, which is an important aspect of gaining popularity not only in search engines but in the various targeted social communities as well. When last have you revised your campaign and had it analysed by a professional or expert? Then maybe it is time to revise your strategy and how you are seen and communicated to online naturally through marketing high quality content.