How to manage your social media when overloaded

Nov 06

How to manage your social media when overloaded

You will most often times find that the world of social media takes a lot of resources; the main one being time. When it comes to effectively managing your social media and marketing strategy while keeping a presence on your blog and other web 2.0 platforms it most often times can prove to be very difficult – especially if the type of life you live requires you to be flexible. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to help you manage your social media and online presence more easily.


Social Media Strategy

To help you manage your social media and online presence you need to have a well thought through and researched strategy in place. This normally requires a great wealth of knowledge and sensible – analyzed market research alongside your own knowledge of your own business and market. Setting up even a simple social media strategy will help your efforts if you don’t acquire over the knowledge necessary to compile a complicated, competitor analyzed marketing strategy for your business. Decide how much time and business resources you have available to allocate to your social media marketing efforts. This will help streamline a social media managing process when the going gets tough and minimize the chance of a social media overload.


Social Media Schedule

After allocating the amount of resources you have its time to implement your social media marketing strategy with a schedule. Setting up a rough schedule of how many times per period you should make use of social media and other web 2.0 platforms for marketing purposes will help you to keep track of the efforts taken in the process of trying to achieve a successful ROI (Return On Interest). Setting up and most importantly following through on a social media schedule is extremely important – as there is no excuse for not being present online, not to most consumers any way; and keeping a presence during the peak usage time of social media channels and web 2.0 platforms by your target audience will be worth your while and efforts, especially when under pressure and having a shortage of time.


Monitoring Social Media

Keep in mind that though your marketing efforts on the various targeted social media channels and other web 2.0 platforms might be according to a daily, weekly or even monthly period but monitoring and proactively engaging on these selected channels and platforms is not. The point being that one of the biggest if not the biggest advantages of social media is the fact that it offers real time communication and more importantly elaboration and social sharing that should be taken advantage of as part of your social media marketing efforts. The faster you engage with people online the better image the people in question will have of your business, and by having an image worth recommending online the change of people sharing and engaging with you online is bigger and in return the Search engines will have a better image worth promoting in search results.




At the end of the day social media marketing especially during a rough time is not as easy said as done , and in reality is a lot more complicated than what it seems on pen and paper ( Whiteboard / iPad ) when initially preparing and constructing a social media marketing strategy , and If you don’t believe me ask any other good and professional marketer.