Follow up: Basic Keyword SEO Part 2

Sep 04

Follow up: Basic Keyword SEO Part 2

In the previous post we covered the main SEO Keyword aspect and one of the other Basic Keyword SEO aspects of optimizing your website and or blog naturally for a specific keyword and or phrase and improve traffic referrals from various search engines by ranking effectively within the SERP’s (Search Engine Result pages) depending on the query (keyword and or phrase) that user is searching for.



Having keywords featured in the content of your website and or post is crucial for adding relevance to keywords and phrases being targeted and having keywords appear in different areas of your content will also put difference value and or weight to the keyword being targeted.

Having keywords in your headings (h1 to h6) is one of the most important aspects of Ranking for specific keywords featured within the content of your website and or blog and adds tremendous value to a specific keyword and or phrase.

Having the right keyword density (3~5 %) within your content is also very important for ranking for a specific keyword and or phrase. Having a keyword appear closer to the start of the paragraph (or indexing point within the source or coding of your website) also will add a bit more relevance to the specific keyword, as long as it appears natural and not trying to write content for search engines. Always write for the targeted user or market, but be sure to keep search engines in mind when doing so; this is extremely important for having natural content and ranking for the keywords in a more natural or relevant way within search engine queries.


Optimizing images with keywords is also important – as this can potentially allow a user to visit your site from an image specific search (searching images only) made in the various Search Engines.

Having a relevant and viable image to the keyword you are trying to target makes sense – Be sure to optimize the image with the keyword visible in the “title” and or the “description” along with optimizing the “Alt” tag will add phenomenal value to the keyword in terms of an image specific search.Image used for Basic Keyword SEO 101

What to expect in Part 3

In the follow up post (the third and last post in the series) we will cover the Linking (internal and external; thought the main focus being onpage or internal) aspect and the aspect of having your keyword driven content faster indexed in the various Search Engines and other networking communities. Be sure to read up on the first post and or follow by using the RSS feed, and be notified of the third and last post in the series of post covering the topic of optimizing a website and or blog by making use of Basic SEO Keyword targeting methods and tactics.

  • Unmana

    Nice easy blog post explaining how beginners can use SEO!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment – Meant to explain the basics of SEO and Keyword targeting.