Final post: Basic Keyword SEO Part 3

Sep 05

Final post: Basic Keyword SEO Part 3

In the first two posts of the series on Basic Keyword SEO Optimization for your website and or blog we have covered some of the basic aspects of optimizing your website and or blog to be targeting- and keyword driven. When it comes to optimizing a website and or blog for specific keywords and or phrases the aspects mentioned in the series are some of the most basic without being too technical. As most websites and or blogs will need a tailored designed strategy and might react a bit differently when looking at the more advanced aspects of SEO and optimizing for a specific keyword and or phrase; as was intended.

Be sure to read up on the previous posts as to know where you are in terms of the featured series. Here are the two last topics of interest when it comes to Basic keyword SEO for your website and or blog.


Having Keywords that acts as links or having normal text links that contains the targeted keywords and or phrases is one of the ways of adding relevance to a keyword, not to mention increasing the overall SEO value if the link is build right – containing link descriptions with unique keywords present in the index able link structure is great for adding relevance and value to a specific keyword or phrase.

If you link an image (preferably already SEO Keyword optimized) is also another way of utilizing an image that is keyword specific along with an link optimized together with the image to target a specific and related keyword and or phrase and to follow through to a webpage (internal or external) that also shares the same SEO Keywords and value’s.

Faster Indexing

Submitting your website content and or blog to Bookmark and social sharing sites (like Delicious and Stumbleupon) with the correct title and selected keywords, tags or category will complement the overall keyword targeting efforts when it comes to Onpage (and a little offpage [by mentioning external linking along with internal linking]) SEO.

It will also help by allowing faster indexing of the new content on your website and or blog. Not to mention that if you engage and grow your connections on these social bookmarking sites you can drive a lot of traffic and establish yourself, website and or blog as an authoritative image or contact within these networks as well as the various Search Engines for certain topics that is keyword driven or specific, and by doing so you are increasing the overall relevance and value of the targeted keywords and or phrases.

Want to know more?

Be sure to follow through to the contact page or use your friendly (or not so friendly) search engines, there is a lot of material available to read up on and will have a large benefit to your website and or blog when it comes to exposure in terms of Digital Marketing and Organic Traffic from Search Engines.