Benefits of a social media manager for a restaurant

Jan 10

Benefits of a social media manager for a restaurant

What are the benefits of a social media manager for a restaurant? In short; the manager, if well experienced, equipped and a knowledgeable marketer might contribute more to your business in terms of marketing and social exposure than you might initially think.

Depending on the size and type (franchise etc.) of your restaurant the need for a social media manager might not be worth the salary you have to pay to hire a knowledgeable social media marketer. And trust me – most of the proof is in the pudding (yes, all pun intended) that will show the worth that such an marketer can bring to your restaurant.


Benefits of a social media manager

Before you start looking for a social media manager – first determine that you need a social media manager for your restaurant. Then you can start determining the value and the benefits to what the social media manager will contribute to your restaurant; are they just there to keep the people talking online (harder than it sounds), taking the load off you and or your current restaurant manager or if you are new to social media or established a new registered restaurant and or branch and you want your social media marketing to represent the type and quality of your business and service online then you need to be prepared to cough up a decent salary to weight out the marketer’s experience and measurable results.


Experience in Marketing

If you have determined that you need to hire an experienced marketer to manage the social media of your restaurant, be sure to hire someone with a broad and experienced range in digital marketing methods like two of the foremost skills; social media marketing and email marketing, as they will most likely be the largest part of your digital marketing campaign – if you don’t make use of television as an advertising medium.  See below some of the experience that your social media manager need to have under his or her belt.


Social Media Marketing Experience

The social media manager should have up to date experience in social media marketing as this medium of communication “evolves” on a daily base. Not to mention that this marketer should have experience in running a tight scheduled social media marketing campaign for your restaurant and be prepared to work the same hours as your current restaurant manager.

The price of real time social media communication and engagement in the restaurant industry is – if managed effectively and proactively; almost priceless,  as most people tend to embrace social media not just for sharing good and bad experiences as well as the food at restaurants but to ask and recommend from others what restaurants to visit. The local clientele will most likely find this most useful and by being up to date with new specials, events, and other valuable information about your restaurant they won’t just be enticed to return for a visit again quickly, but to spread your worthy updates to their social media circles which in return will produce new clientele.


Email Marketing Experience

A marketer with good experience in email marketing will largely contribute to your digital marketing campaign – as email marketing is also a very important source of update for people in today’s modern world. Running an email campaign to increase the exposure and reach of a special and or promotion from your restaurant alongside social media exposure and engagement is a recipe (yes, all pun intended) for a fully booked and or seated restaurant due to social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing exposure. An Email marketing campaign can be one of the most cost effective marketing campaigns that you can afford to have, if managed and maintained correctly.


Digital Marketing Experience

Not just the two mentioned skills, social media marketing and email marketing is important for your restaurant’s social media manager, but a range of other digital marketing skills; like PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), article marketing, basic HTML and web development experience as your email marketing campaign might most likely need it to look and function according to your restaurant specifics and last but surely not the least is experience in being social, yet professional in person to person communications and contact as your manager will most likely have to deal with customer complaints and engage with your clientele not just on social media and other digital sources, but in real life face to face meeting as well, as word of mouth marketing and engagement face to face is still one of your best sources of marketing and positive public relations, although not entirely digital.


Social media Manager Benefits


At the end of the day the proof is as I said “in the pudding”. It might be different depending on your restaurant and the needs of your clientele, but the experience in your social media manager normally reflects on the results they are able to show and you physically able to see, not just in monthly profit, but an visible increase in patrons to your restaurant and chatter about your restaurant in the social media world as well.

Be sure to leave your comments, as your input is always valued and if you want to know more or need help with your social media for your restaurant – contact me and we can have a chat with pleasure.



  • Stuart Ormiston

    omg!!! You know social has taken off when restaurants in South Africa are using it. Great article, great work. Just one question? Can you measure ROI?

  • Hello Byron. Getting people to talk about a restaurant is hard indeed, unless you made a major boo-boo. Then it won’t be difficult to get people to talk. People usually talk when service or products are bad, not when they are good.

    How do you suggest you get people’s emails to for instance Aweber, to market to them on a regular basis (providing value, of course?)

    On your question: I think any restaurant worth their salt (pun intended 🙂 should employ a full time SM manager that works while the restaurant is open. And he should also have notifications around the brands name as keyword so he could know if a storm erupts. It’s important to ‘be there’ when it happens.

    • Thanks for your comment Ivin,

      Some simple examples : Have them send over an evaluation form after eating alongside with the bill (can even send it alongside a chocolate or treat with a message to say thanks for your valued feedback) or have them available on your counter that people can rate your service and food, alongside put their emails so you can send them a “personalized” email with the monthly specials, news events, photos, food pictures etc.- you can also mention your webpage with a subscription CTA on it on your menu as an example.

      Maybe even give them a free voucher for a drink or cocktail on the house for their dedicated support.

      Have your Social Media Manager mingle with clients, or meet them at the door. Have him give his personal email for any suggestions or feedback etc., this will make the customer feel valued and by having them email you, you can drop them a friendly mail every now and then, depending on how your email campaign has been setup.

      Only some of the suggestions will work, as it depends on the type of restaurant their targeted market, Local, National, Upper-class or Take way etc… Have your Social media manager come up with some creative ideas and or even events. Building a successful email database normally doesn’t happen overnight, it does take time.
      Just Remember – there is a fine line between informing and spamming a client.

      Thanks again for reading along with your input Ivan – it is always appreciated.

  • Kevin C.

    Great article! I have been in the restaurant business for a long time and love doing social media! It is tough and people do not realize the challenges of coming up w daily ideas! Cheers!

    • Thanks for the comment Kevin. I do agree, social media marketing is tough, but totally worth the while.