Basic Keyword SEO Part 1

Sep 03

Basic Keyword SEO Part 1

The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website and or blog is one of the core internet marketing aspects you can’t afford to be without. Great content is no longer good enough – one need to show Search Engines the key points in your website and or blog as to increase the important signals the Search Engines look for when they try to determine the relevancy and quality of your content compared to the specific search query.

Over the next few blog posts you can find some recommended and simple techniques of Basic Keyword SEO that one can use to show the key points (in this case keywords) and relevance of your site to Search Engines and in return increase the natural or organic ranking of your website and or blog in the SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Page’s). Here is a couple of Keyword SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques to help improve your website and or blog’s relevance for specific terms, categories and phrases – and in return increase the page ranking in the various Search Engines and help to drive more natural traffic from search engines depending on the specific query.

The right Keywords

Selecting and Targeteing the right keywords visible in your website and or blog is important as this is one of the main areas Search Engines look for to connect not only the relevance of your content but the quality of the content compared to the query the user has typed in their search – if it be in a Personal (logged in with an active account when searching), National or International ( / .com) or even using different languages. If not optimized for the Keyword and or Phrase searched for you most lightly won’t receive natural or organic traffic referrals from search engines.

Having the keyword and or phrase present in different parts of your website and or blog ensures that certain relevancy and value is added to different keywords being targeted. For an example, if the domain name and topic has the keyword along with a good keyword density in the content will place more weight than having a keyword only appear once or twice in the content only.

Having the right targeted Keywords for your blog and or website is the first and most important step (the main step) of optimizing your website and or blog more efficiently and being able to effectively target a specific term and or phrase in Search Engines and other social media and networking websites.

Here and in posts to follow are some other main aspects that you need to be aware of and optimize correctly and efficiently as to increase the relevance and weight of keywords and overall SEO aspects of your website and or blog.Image used for Basic Keyword SEO

Meta data and elements

Having a good website or blog description along with keywords used in the “description” and the “keywords” meta-elements is crucial for giving indication to the Search Engines of the relevancy and the importance of your content, website and webpage or blog post to the query searched for.

Having specifically written and optimized meta-elements per page and or blog post is crucial for ranking broadly for a good and or broad range of keywords and phrases, provided you have the keywords in other parts of your website as well; as this will compliment and ensure search engines of the right keywords being targeted and what content is to be shown or returned to the user depending on their specific search term and or keyword.

Tips to look forward to in Part 2

In part two you will read more about Content and Images and how it can and does influence the value of the keywords you are targeting from an SEO and keyword driven point of view. Be sure to grab the RSS feed and you won’t miss the next post.