Byron Martin

Who is Byron Martin


Byron Martin is a full time digital marketing strategist and part time student currently busy with a degree at the University Of South Africa. Byron is passionate about but not limited to digital marketing and experimental technology, working hard and reaping the rewards. He enjoys working on and solving challenges creatively when it comes to marketing and especially Search Engine Optimization.

Byron MartinByron is currently employed as an SEO Engineer, whose daily tasks consist of Specialized Search Engine Optimization (on page and off page) tactics and tasks, at a large International Publishing firm in South Africa.

Byron also enjoys working on digital marketing strategies, analyzing data and helping others when and where possible even in his own private time.

When asked to sum him up some of the words that pops into conversation is spontaneous, innovative, helpful, passionate, humorous and with a focused yet broad view of interests. He is an extrovert both online and offline and regularly engages in thrill seeking activities and adventures online and offline.


Key Personal Strengths:

Excellent analytical skills
Speed and quality of answering requests

My Favorite quote: “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking. ~ George S. Patton”