7 Traits of Marketable Digital content

Sep 20

7 Traits of Marketable Digital content

Any good Marketer will tell you your efforts are only as good as the product you are trying to market. If it is really a good product with a need in the market it will sell itself. The same rule applies to the content you are trying to market – Content as the likes of articles, images, promotions, and the list goes on and on. So let us have a look at what having quality – marketable and sharable content means when it comes to the 7 traits of marketing “DIGITAL” over traditional content.


Your content must be dynamic – It must be able to change with the constant trends in technology and the user preferences while still appealing to the basic needs of the user and digitally complimenting the business or brand for as long as possible.


Having content that is valuable – Informative content is one of the best methods used to spark curiosity and appeal to the interests amongst new and existing clientele alike – the more informative and appealing the information the better weight in viral-bility it will have.


Your content should be unique and not only stand out digitally but glow as part of your business and brand online. Having themed content that users can relate to across a broad spectrum of marketing channels and even campaigns is key to having glowing content. (Look at what the corporates is doing and how well users can relate to their methods should provide you with a couple of examples to spark ideas of your own)


Yet again – the more interesting the content the more likely it is to spread more efficiently across various channels and tailored to reach more users. Interesting and appealing content can go hand in hand with having Informative content as was mentioned in one of the above sections of the article.


Content should always be tailored for a specific market, reason or according to a specific method for reaching the audience. The more experienced the tailor, the more likely it is to fit your target market more with ease.


How sticky is the content in terms of being absorbed by the user? Is it complicated to understand – or is it humorous at the first glance (as an example) can mean the difference between being absorbed by the user or being overlooked and easily forgotten.


What legend will marketing the content leave behind in terms of having a digital footprint (content and activities which can be found online)? And in terms of remembrance, will the user remember the add as “one of the good ones”, even a couple of years down the line?

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